A portrait of me my friend drew isn’t it awesome? 
Hello lovelies and lovers I thought I’d share something with you today! So for about two days straight I’ve been up dating my room decorating the walls and moving around the furniture so I thought why not show them this awesome work? Now I must admit I’m not completely done there is so much I want to do that i just don’t have time for and I just discovered all this new space but I don’t have any room for it 😦 But I’m so happy with the work and I hope you love it too. 🙂

 Favorite quote ever!
Above my Bed

On my closet door

Got a table in my closet! Isn’t it Fab?

“Some people dream of big swimming pools, with me, it’s closets.” -Audrey Hepburn
 Love her for this quote! Perfect for quote to add to my closet!

 I finally put my shoes on the top now that my bags aren’t there!