If you’re anything like me, you’re not to big of a fan when it comes to old jack frost. i personally can’t wait til spring gets here, those cool/warm sunny days are far in the distance. Until I can reach those coat-less days of spring I’ll just have to settle with the spring runway trends. These beauty trends are goregous but seem to have a retro feel to them, some of the dating back to the 60’s some maybe just a few years back. Either way here are some beauty looks are defiantly an inspiration!

Trend: Cat Eyes
Can we all just agree that this look will never die? Cat eyes are always sexy all ways in style! P.s. Don’t you just love her lashes?

Trend: Red Lips
Another classic no matter what shade!

The Trend: Silver Eyeshadow
Have no idea where to wear it to, but I’m wearing it! gives the makeup an angel effect.

The Trend: Navy eyes
Sexy without the harshness of black

The Trend: Retro Hair
Yes, retro is back the curls and all. I’m not mad though.

The Trend: Bangs
Really, don’t they always make a comeback?

The Trend: Bobs
These too.

The Trend: Thick Eyebrows
I usually see these in fall, still something I’m not to crazy about