Kelis was at the Belvedere Pre-Grammy party wear a very tame outfit at least tame for Kelis. She was in a simple yellow dress and a heavily studded jacket with snake skin knee high boots gold tassel earrings. First lets start of with the good the hair is to die for I love the big curls and the bold streak prefect way to add edge with out being to crazy. The dress is not bad it’s cute but that maybe because I have a small spot for yellow and the jacket isn’t bad either. The problem comes in when you get to those hideous snake skin socks, she was doing so good until it came to the shoes she could have gone with some platform strappy sandals or something not these hideous things on your feet you may have even got to slide with just the shoes but them dam* socks…smh. Well no one’s perfect what do you think? Could you is it yum or yuck?