Rihanna was spotted today (and yesterday) playing up her amazing leg game in super short shorts and tights. The look for me is cute I think I’d like it a little better without the jacket, I mean if it’s cold then why not just put on pants? I love the tstripped tights blow they’re super cute and I haven’t seen any like them as for the shorts and suspenders, I don’t like as much it seems to simialr and it’s not as cute like she trying a little to hard. With shades some are assuming that she was serverly hung over from her birthday party the night before. She also released the complete track of you song Birthday Cake ft Chris Brown, To me the song I don’ tcare for it much I  would have much prefered it being her, but I don’t  know Chris’s voice to be didn’t go with the song. For the single check below and let me know Yum or Yuck?