Lady Gaga is teaming up with Giorgio Amarni to create eye shocking costumes for the Born This Way tour kicking off in Seoul April 27th!! There will be four custom pieces for the mother of all monsters herself featuring thigh high boots extravagant head pieces and of course no pants in sight! View all the looks below!

The look above is pure fierce! It’s a shiny black grid pattern PVC bodice of course with a matching headpiece and thigh high boots all drenched in shiny sharp spikes, black swarovski and black fringe.

This is my favorite of all the pieces, full of metal studs studs and shiny metal and the structure of the bodice and the matching head piece is really pure art. Not to mention the thigh high boots and the metallic nails! 

The next look is kind of crazy it also features a bodice attach with abstract guitars and a piano headpiece and vinyl boots.

This look, is really pure born this way. It looks similar to when she performed born this way at the Grammy’s last year. Head to toe flesh tone latex with a triangle head piece and ornament on the dress, with matching flesh tone boots.