I’m not completely sure that teens (at least the ones that watches the teen choice awards) know who ‘No Doubt is,let alone any of their songs or that they reunited not a new band. Some one actually said that they didn’t like Gwen Stefani’s new band, on their YouTube video. No matter they were at the Teen Choice Awards and I must say they look more amazing than ever and I am completely elated that they are doing music again. Gwen as always looked amazing she does chic edge in such away that no one else can pull off with her statement red lips and platinum blonde hair fried dyed and laid to the side she looks effortlessly cool in her over sized cat eye shades.

Check out their video for ‘Settle Down‘ I literally started to tear up, I think actual music not just people talking over dance/techno music is coming back. Damn I missed you

Until Next Time….