You know how I love my retail therapy. You can see that through out my many posts, anyway I never been to Ulta believe it or not I’ve always got my things from Sephora and always meant to stop in there so today was they day. After having a shit-tastic week, as you all know from twitter (if not Follow Me)  and it kind of continued over in to today. What better way to fix my sadness than driving and shopping? This is where Ulta -and not checking my bank account- come into play. 
I found this amazing sales associate drenched in tattoos and pin up inspired make up to help me find some amazing lashes and other goodies. She reccomended NYX cosmetics, which I never EVER tried that I’m trying out for the first time today. And I must say the lashes and the mascara is amazing. Don’t even get me started on how they look together! They give me the natural look that I love and the drama that I crave it’s amazing.

Then I drove all the way to the other side of the town looking for some strappy shoes that for some reason I couldn’t find in any department store,so I went back to my roots and found these babies. I don’t know if you know but two celebrities were seen in these babies. These are very similar to the pair of Christian Louboutin  Unbouts that Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Solange, and Lala were seen wearing a little over a month ago the only difference is the heels there defiantly shorter than theirs.  Now don’t start with the judging just yet, there’s nothing horrible with a knock off it’s all the Celebrity Fashion with out the Fashion Budget, I see nothing wrong with that. Alas the shoes didn’t really look right with the dress that I wanted to wear but it goes great with another and they’re low enough to wear out casually soo, Love ’em

Until Next Time….