This is just a hot fucking mess. The blonde hair looks good but this outfit is like a fashionable crack whore in the 90’s. The boots are polyester with a patent leather toe the shorts are cute but not with this horrid ensemble. The fishnet top just tops off this whole thing like really Liam why the hell did you let her go out looking like this?

I don’t mind this look all to much it’s Gwen like it’s Gwen Stefani all dosed in leopard print. I know she has to be hot though like leather pants in the summer? in LA? She must be jank must be sweating.

Sweet baby Jesus. What the Hell am I looking at? Is this a joke, please be a joke. Kat DeLuna’s stylist nay her whole Glam Squad hates her guts to tell her she looks good. This Dress is 3 times to big then have nerve to have the cut outs and the shoes? Oh Hell no . Just Hell NO….

Demi!! I love her as a blonde and her whole new look in general I look at her and he screams pop star! This whole look I like I can’t find some thing wrong.

Until Next Time….