Could it be? Say it’s not true!!! Everything around me is dying!! Ok that was a little dramatic, but alas it’s true. Bakers may be no more!

I was walking through the mall when I saw it, one of my most beloved shoe stores was closed, right out of the clear blue sky. At first I thought it was nothing, just, you know, no one buying shoes. But then I thought wait a minute this is BAKERS! People here must not know good shoes. So then today I was on their site and I just decided to google them spur of the moment type jizz. And there is was, under suggested searches “Backers Bankruptcy” (NOOOOOOO!!) I quickly searched the pages and found out that yes (According to Kansas City Business Journal)  that Bakers will be liquidated by the end of (last) year. As stated in the journal

“St. Louis-based Bakers Footwear Group filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 3. On Monday, the chain auctioned off the inventory of the stores slated for liquidation. The buyer — a joint venture between Tiger Capital GroupLLC and SB Capital Group LLC — started going-out-business sales Friday for the more than $30 million of inventory. About 1,325 employees are staying on to help with that process.”

I was heart struck, I love my shoes, I love my bakers (first Twinkies now this?!?!) . But on a lighter note liquidation means great shoes low prices!

That is the only thing that will cheer me up from this heart wrenching truth. So ladies get those credit cards ready.. it’s time to swipe at the bakers counter one last time for their 40% off full priced items and additional 20% off sell items sell


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