“Any Women can wear it and feel beautiful and confident” – Nicki Minaj (Behind the Scenes interview)

Nicki Minaj Clothing Line

 Nicki Minaj is truly turning her wacky fashion sense into a money making biz. As you know she is working on a brand with Kmart full of funky hats, colorful leggings, fur vest, metallic bustier tops, and of course spandex. The collection is definitely Nicki,and not the Nicki that is making the “Where did you get that” list but the Nicki that is making that “What not to wear” list.

The pieces while seperate could make great pieces, since each of them are so bold with their neon colors and crazy prints but when they are styled together they’re a mess. And bests believe that’s exactly what Nicki is doing to make women feel confident in bold, colorful spandex.

 The collection does have good pieces, like the dresses seem to be cut nice and figure flattering. Like I said there are good pieces, but when styled together it looks like Lisa Frank vomit and that’s not as cool as it sounds.

Hopefully she’ll evolve like her fashion, I was hoping that this line would reflect the looks that she was sporting now. I guess, whatever sells right? Maybe her next collabo.

Photos courtesy of Huffington Post, & YouTube