“The Scandalous Preacher’s Wife” 

 If you haven’t heard the tale of the dress that flipped the christian world by storm I’m here to tell you. It all began on warm June day. All the celebrities were out, from Nicki Minaj to Janelle Monae but one star stood out from the rest. Oh she wasn’t just anyone it was Meagan Good the preacher’s wife, and my did she look stunning. With her hair perfectly styled and make up flawless she turned heads left and right, but it wasn’t her beauty or title that made people stare, it was her overly sexy dress you’d never expect a preacher’s wife to wear. The dress was a lovely royal blue, with a neckline plunging so low and a split so high you wonder how was everything else shown but her thigh? While people were in awe the christian’s were in a fury! How could a preacher’s wife’s dress in such away? She just scuffs and with an angry instagram post the actress decided to say:

“I don’t feel the need to make an excuse or defend myself for what I wore I know I have a responsibility and I am working daily to fulfill the potential God has created me to be.. A dialogue was started about my character, my integrity, my walk with God and my husband- based off a dress I wore.. It makes me sad not regretful. People like me who are often misunderstood and told their cut of God’s promises -because they don’t look the role..when God doesn’t care about us looking the role.. it makes me sad that Christian’s can’t see beyond this and attack our brother’s and sister’s. I merely picked a dress that I saw and loved. God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong”

 Oh did that statement change some minds! People understand where she is coming from but their minds are stuck on the fact that she is indeed a wife of a pastor and a born again christian, let alone presenting the award for Best Gospel Artist (no less thanks to the title of her husband).This dress was at least inappropriate for the award she was giving, it still has that sinner smell to it. Nonetheless Meagan did look stunning and I do think that if she wasn’t married this be a completely different post.

Do you think the dress is appropriate for a Preacher’s wife to wear? Or are we too hung up on a title to realize that it’s a gorgeous gown?