I can not lie, my two favorite celeb fashionistas have been either M.I.A. or have been missing their mark, but as of yesterday I can truly say they’re back and (hopefully) here to stay!

Let’s start with Mother Monster shall we? She’s been gone for months now only to show her face truly yesterday while walking down the streets of New York in a black mini skirt and a black lace bra. To me she looked amazing! Her body was the key goal in my workout last night!

 I love this look it’s just hot. She was then seen attending the Gagosian Gallery in an Alexander McQueen structured mini dress. People say that she’s just doing all this wackiness for attention because she’s going to have a new single out soon. I However don’t believe it, it’s Lady Motherfriggin Gaga! The name it’s self is unusual, he outfits have always been a little left field. This is her, Deal with it.

Secondly there is Amber Rose coming out of Saks in an adorable dress from Nasty Gal and some cute flat sandals. I will say this, recently after giving birth she hasn’t been the Amber I’d fell in love with her style has been off (but she’s a new mother c’mon) but I think she’s learned how to rock her baby weight and look fierce I hope she keeps it up!