“The sh*t has officially hit the fan” 

 This past April Costco sent out some spam email advertising designer handbags starting at $99.99, that just happen to feature a Michael Kors bag. That’s all fine and dandy if Costco’s was a authorized dealer of the designer bag, which we know they’re not. Of course Michael and his team aren’t thrilled to see their bag on such an email, let alone something that probably goes straight into your spam folder.  So they’re fighting back in court, they are suing the retailer.

The suit alleges that Costco used images of the kors bag just to get customers in the store (duh!). But Costco is known for buying their merchandise from … less than reputable dealers which has gotten the retailer in hot water before. So we can pretty much guess that the bags in question, were either not there or the ones that were weren’t real.

They were just in court this past February, Tiffany&Co. sued them for misleading customers to believe that Tiffany brand engagement rings were sold in the store. Oh silly Costco will when you learn? But seriously..who would think you could get a Michael Kors bag at a Costco?