“It’s the way of the future…”

 Hologram bags have been making quite a splash recently. I first saw this trend on Rihanna when she wore a Hologram clutch bag by Stella McCartney, paired with matching shoes and top. The look was cute every simple, now of course everyone is loving the look. With good reason! It’s easy it’s chic and defiantly makes a statement in an unexpected way.

Personally I love the look, not just Rihanna’s, but the bag in general. It’s edgy, chic, and all other fashion cliché words you can think of. But would I splurge for it? I’m not sure. Some designers like Milly have an adorable tote bag that has everything you love but it’s going for $525 at Neiman Marcus.

There are others however like the one from Asos, a little less extravagant but all the more shiny! It’s a little thing from New Look Sally Holographic clutch that’s only $33.92!

There are ways around this look people! Would you rock this bold accessory?