In the black community there is  no unity at all. Especially when it comes to light skin vs. Dark skin, there’s been hate for each other on each side for as long as anyone can remember. It’s like we’re in bloods and crips, you can’t even chill or date someone on the other side without someone from one side thinking negatively about you (Yes it’s that serious). If a man prefers women of a lighter complexion, or leaves a women that’s dark skin for a woman who is light skin all hell will break loose. Don’t believe me?

Take a look on any website that talks about Kevin Hart’s and his new girlfriend. He had been married to a dark skin woman for years and they recently divorced and he found solace in a lighter skinned female and dark skin women didn’t like that one bit. They attacked him on twitter saying things like he hated dark skin women or as they put it “real black women”(-_-‘). Of Course Kevin Hart said something back (it’s Kevin Hart this dude has no filter) saying “If it wasn’t her it wouldn’t have been you”, basically saying shut up you’re jealous. My main thing is when, how, & why did race come in to this? You don’t know anything about what was going on in the marriage and no clue on to why it happened, so don’t say anything. I find it hard to believe that any man with two kids would break up with his wife because she was dark skin.

 Coming from a dark skin girl, I never would think that I was overlooked  simply for my gorgeous mocha honey skin, I’ve never had an issue getting a guy. None of them ever looked at me and said ‘Oh I don’t date dark skin girls.’ Although I have had the guys that ‘don’t usually talk to dark skin girl’ try to talk to me before. Usually I will brush them off and say something rude back, but one of them I decided I’d ask why? The answer actually surprised me. It wasn’t because he thought dark skin girl were less attractive he just said “They’re usually loud, ghetto and don’t take care of themselves. At least the ones I’ve seen.” Now I know you’re thinking that “well light skin girls do the same thing” and you’re right but I kind of see where he’s coming from. Some light skin girls do think that they’re too cute, so they act too cute, usually dark skin girls don’t so they don’t try to do too much. This is based on from what I’ve seen, I’ve seen dark skin girls that take very good care of themselves as well as light skin girls who don’t. But this doesn’t have to do with skin tone it has to do with upbringing. If you’re raised thinking that lighter skin is pretty and you’re dark skin you’re not going to treat yourself like you’re pretty, and vice versa You get it?

It’s a twisted and just depressing to think that our race literally thinks less of each other for our complexion then calls racism when another race does the exact same thing. To me that just doesn’t make sense same thing as the n word, but that’s a topic for another post. Although upbringing and environment do effect how we present ourselves to the world we do have to accept the fact that people do have preferences. Some people don’t like dark skin girls it’s not that they don’t find them attractive it’s just that they prefer some one with a lighter complexion.

Take for example the guys that prefer a girl with long hair rather than a girl with a short cut. Its not that they think short hair is a hideous thing to do to your hair, some men just prefer it. This is the same reason I don’t have any hate toward Lil’ Wayne a man that is very open about how he prefers light skin women to dark skin. I don’t think that he thinks that he doesn’t find dark skin women attractive it’s just he prefers a lighter skin tone. You may ask how do you know he doesn’t like dark skin women when all his songs he’s talking about light skin women?  Well, one he dated Tonya a dark skin female and has a child be her, explain that. He was just as famous and he still dated her. He has a preference it’s not hate, at least not to me.

At the end of the day whenever women as a whole can accept their complexion as their own and stop blaming other people for their twisted views on how the world preserves black women as a whole will we get rid of all this negative hate toward each other.Once we stop finding one complexion prettier than the other then we can work on the other issues.  Don’t ever think that a man will not like you because you’re dark skin. Look at yourself, do you find yourself attractive? If the answer is anything other than just a yes, then it may not be the world that finds you ugly, it may just be you..

What do you think?

photos: Clutch Magazine, By Mystique, & The Buzz In The City