Have you ever wished that you had an all in one product that could make your face just look amazing in 10 minutes? I have been searching for a product that both lightens any darkness in my tired skin and I finally found it in Glam Glow youth Mud. This mud has French Sea clay which absorbs any impurities in your pores which reduces pore size and oil. Volcanic Pumice Rock, yes actual rocks and yes you can feel them but it doesn’t hurt, actually (and you probably already guessed it ) they’re used for exfoliation. and actual green tea leaves and you’ll see those in there to they work as antioxidants which brighten skin.

When I first heard of this amazing product I had to give it a try, I love masks in general they’re a great way to really clean your skin and make sure it’s clean . But when I heard Glam Glow had all these interesting ingredients I was super stoked to buy it. Really I’m always looking for new interesting things to put on my face for amazing skin so why not rocks?

When I got home I washed my face with a cleanser and my face brush, stirred the mask (as recommend) and smoothed it over my poor, tired, skin. I won’t lie it’s a little weird to put on it’s a very thick dark greenish/gray color you can see the green leaves also some rocks if you look closely. I sat and let it dry completely, you will start to feel a tingle but that’s what you’re supposed to feel it’s just the mask doing it’s job. After 10-15 minutes the mask was completely dry and I washed it off. My skin looked amazing, my oiliness was gone and my skin was glowing and the best part not a pore was showing! I’m ecstatic even a couple of days later my skin looks refreshed and freshly pampered!

You can get GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment 1.7oz 69.00 at sephora.com they also have a smaller size of the 0.5 for 19.00 both are completely worth it for these amazing lasting results.