I was so excited when sephora got the Gel Lab Kit by Deborah Lippman simply because she is one of Hollywood’s top manicurist I knew that her kit not only would be top of the line it would also be good for my nails and hold for days! When I got to the store I immediately headed toward the nail station to browse the line. The collection is beautifully packaged everything was in clear square bottles with “Deborah Lippman” on the front, a fab bottle to go with a fab nail collection. The colors are amazing and she has these confetti nail tops that are simple to die for, I quickly chose the navy blue because lately I’ve been having a soft spot in my heart for it. Then I saw Gel Lab it’s a kit that comes with a gel base coat and topcoat that you can do with any nail polish! I quickly grab it and ran toward checkout so I could try it on at home. The nail polishes went on smooth and butter and for the first day not a chip or bump in sight it was so worth the splurge. Or so I thought by day two my nails were chipping even with the gel manicure set I quickly touched it up and let them be, by day 3 it was worse so much so that my nail polish was literally peeling off! I was in complete disbelief. I don’t like leaving negative reviews but this one was so disappointing. I’m assuming it was the actual nail polish not the gel, I went to my local beauty supply and tried the gel lab without her nail polish and it worked out a tad better, not much but it was a lot better than the polish. All in all out of the entire collection I will say the only thing worth buying is the gel lab it works with the nail polish you have at home. As far as the actual nail polish stay far away unless you want a $17.00 disappointment.

Buy the Gel Lab at sephora for 45.00