It’s been awhile since I had time and energy actually go out downtown and just walk around in the great sunshine. When I finally did it breathed live in to me that I forgot was even possible. With the sun out shining and the weather bearable I decided to put on my boots and go(it is fall after all).

As soon as we hit the strip I heard the sound of a smooth saxaphone being played over the car horns and screaming people. Gotta love the city! It’s a place like no other that can inspire your mind and jumpstart your heart to a rhythm that you’ve never heard before.

The people and the sights are always different in every town, but one thing is for sure no matter where you go. Downtown is the heart beat of every city, the locally owned shops are what keep the town alive and show you how the people really are, and they’re a great place to pick up a little something for yourself to add to your amazing collection.

There’s nothing like going into a thrift shop and finding cool items, it really awakens your own personal style. Think about it, you’re going into a store where you can literally find anything, and everything is unique so if you can find something there you can find something anywhere. My favorite thrift shop downtown called Design Archives Emporium.

  It’s an awesome shop that showcases vintage clothes and local designer pieces   has different booths from different stores and designers all in one. I love it because you find pieces that you can’t find anywhere else   and it’s all local and not full of old stuffy T-shirts. For example here’s a poster from a local business call Peacock and Vine  that I seriously need to add to my collection from the classic film Casablanca, when’s the last time you actually saw something like that?

Also some sweet glasses like the ones Dwayne wore on a different world, granted I think my head is way to big for this pair. And they were only 12 dollars (I think) every time I tried to find a pair like this online they were always 20 or more. Also, peep the bag behind me, can we say score?

At the end of the day your downtown in general, in every city can awaken the artist, dreamer, visionary, in you. Or it could just be a fun thing to do on a Friday afternoon :-). Explore your town and find something new in it everyday no matter how big or how small.