Once upon a time when the days were warmer and the time was shorter and I was younger I was left under the impression that no one lied on the internet. I thought that it was something that happened in creepy old towns and to people that didn’t do research and were careless. Little did I know that I was one of those people.

It happened when I first moved down to NC I didn’t know a lot of people and I’m a pretty shy person so I did what anyone would do and try to drum up some friends online. Then I met this guy, Derrick, he looked so cute in his pictures and he had plenty, Also his bio and friends (there were more than 100 so I wasn’t worried) all looked legit he even went to my old high school which I thought was neat.

We got to talking and eventually I had given him my phone number, his voice was very deep, deep like Barry White deep. That was strange but I didn’t put it past him, then he said something that, I’m  not gonna lie should have been a red flag. He made a of hand comment about him being fat, that was strange just because in all of his pictures he seemed like he was ripped. I dismissed that thinking he just ate to much of something and was feeling shame.

We continued talking over the the next few months growing closure and closure soon I introduced him to my friends. They were polite and really hit it off, but when I talked to my friend in private they told me something was up with him “His voice doesn’t match what he said he looked like, but he’s nice.”  As you can see I’m clearly missing every obvious sign that this guy isn’t legit.

We go on talking for another few months and eventually we started dating. When I asked about his facebook he claimed to not have one. I didn’t believe that I never believe it everyone has a FB so I just looked him up by his email and his name. And Oh yes he came up but not him some other guy that was the complete opposite I dismissed it, some people just have the same names right? I was clearly in denial how could a guy I loved so much lie to me for this long? I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t believe, and I never brought up facebook again.

Now it’s been over a year I haven’t seen him face to face and I start getting restless “Why doesn’t he want me to see him?” I began to wonder. Eventually it ended up being our downfall and we broke up, but we still kept in touch. By this time I’m in college and winter break is coming so I ask again to see him when I go back up to see family. Again he refuses saying something about he’s going to be really busy, I wasn’t taking no for an answer and I said” Either you find away or I’m not talking to you anymore.” He was in disbelief and  quickly said he had to call me back I felt good knowing that I finally put my foot down. He soon calls back and asks me a very nerve racking question. “What if a guy pretended to be someone else, but he fell deeply in love with you and the only thing he lied about was his appearance?”

My heart started pounding and my hands were shaking, what the hell was he about to tell me?! ” I would be very upset, why?” I answered.

“I was watching a documentary about it, it was something this guy and his cousin did just to see who’d get more girls” He answered. “Let me call you back.”

I waited another few moments in suspense, what is going on. Well I know what’s going on, but why won’t he drop the ball? Soon I receive a text message from him telling me everything, along with a picture he kept stressing all his feelings were real and this was the only lie. He looked nothing like what he showed me in fact, he looked just like that guy I found on facebook all those months ago. I couldn’t help but to feel betrayed, this had been years of this. I couldn’t bare to talk to him, what else has he been lying about? How can I trust someone who would lie to me for years. Kept me waiting and had me begging to see him at any of those moments he could have just came out and said it. Why now? I couldn’t understand this.

“DUMP HIM!” My friend says over the phone.
“I can’t, when you think about it. It’s not a big deal.” I say trying to comfort myself.
“Kim, that’s a huge deal he lied about his appearance. That’s like lying about who you are. You need to run and run fast!” She stresses.
“I just don’t know what to do,  I can’t just leave I still have feelings for the kid.”
“I don’t know girl I would run, he could really be some crazed killer with a shrine” She jokes.

After a few days I decided to call him and let my feelings be known we had gotten back together and I had finally got to meet him and his friends when I went up there for the holidays. He was a very sweet man and I’m very lucky to have met him. Although our relationship did still end he taught me a lot of lessons, most importantly trust your gut instinct. He is someone I am lucky to have as a friend. So see all catfishes aren’t bad. 😉