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NaomiPilgrim1Banner I’m always in the market for new music, excuse me, new GOOD music. The music industry has a serious lack of talent recently since it’s only all about how much attention you can drum up now. That’s why when Naomi Pilgrim’s single “No Guns” fell into my lap It interested me. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for indie music and I’ve always been curious about what music is like over in Sweden so a Swedish indie pop singer was the perfect mix. When you first hear the beat drop it’s a soft mixture of a deep bass with smooth piano like clicks that remind me of a lullaby tune that instantly have your head nodding to the smooth beat. Then you hear her soulful voice come over the track that adds that final sway to the song. As you let the beat and her voice wash over you you’re awaken by an amazing chores of beautiful harmony and lyrics that literally perks your ears up.  It’s a beautiful mix of soul,indie, and a sweet hint of techno, that’ll have your ears thanking you.