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There comes a time in everyone’s life where you’re a little disappointed where you’re at. Maybe you’re job isn’t want you wanted it to be, you’re not as close to your loved ones or you thought you’d e married by now. For me it was friends, for lack of better words. Now don’t mind you the ones I have were great but something about them, wasn’t quite right. As we grew up I felt a lot of them weren’t doing anything. Nobody was out partying we were all in a serious relationship (or trying to find on) and never really went out, and when I would see my old friends from college talk about what they were doing it made me feel even worse. Like I was still stuck in my party girl phase with no party. I started going down a road that wasn’t good after a while my mother thought it was time for me to seek some help so I spoke to a friend.


He suggested that I started doing things that I onced enjoyed doing and getting out of the house and talking to more people, different people, anybody. So that’s what I did. The first day, actually wasn’t bad. I went down my contact list and just texted hi to everyone, and just started conversation on facebook and twitter. Actually it was nice catching up with people even though I felt like I didn’t have much to say to and turns out a lot of them are in my exact same position. I even made a few plans with some people that I haven’t hung out with in a while, or at all and I’m starting to feel like, my self again. I’m even wearing my hair like I used to (yay). These past few weeks have really opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was ignoring. I never knew what I was missing while I was out there being sad for really no reason at all.  If you ever get in a rut like I did and you constantly think life is passing you by, it’s not. You just have to go out there and grab it, it can be nerve racking at first but you’re not alone. There are people out there like you, that have no idea what they’re doing and feel lost and alone, Reach out to them and you might just find yourself in the process. I know I did.