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I’ve been in love with make up for years, and when I say years I mean a lifetime. I just love what makeup can do, it can transform  a life, a day or just a face either way it’s just a amazing. I’ve been working in the cosmetic industry for quite some times now and I’ve noticed one thing that all women do, they skimp out on what they need to be spending money on and they’ll splurge on something that’ll end up having the same quality as something they would have found at the drug store. ENOUGH it’s time to tell you the who’s who’s and what’s what of the beauty world. Starting buy telling you the things you should spend a little extra on, and things you can afford to save a few bucks on from a real beauty expert.

Splurge Items 


You should always spend a little more on your foundation, why? Because it sets the base for all of your make up and you can’t have a weak base. Also the higher up brands put more time and work in to the coloring so it’s going to match you amazingly and some products have anti aging benefits, and are made for sensitive skin. When you go to the makeup aisle in the drug store those brands usually just cover the basic shades not the ones who are in between.  They also don’t have long wear, shine throughout the day, and contain a lot of mineral oil and that can clog your pores for years.

Skin Care(serums)

Ladies, if it cost so much don’t you think it would work? I’ve been back and forth through both lines and while I will say as far as cleansers go then yes, you don’t need a expensive cleanser, or makeup remover ( as long as it gets it off right?). As far as your skin care treatment, like serums? If you want lasting results and real clinical strength you need to spend the extra dollars, You’ll see results faster and they’ll last longer if you have to stop for a second. This is good for if you have ancic skin, dark/age spots, premature aging, sun damage, wrinkles or even just want to brighten and tighten. You’ll get the good stuff at good stores, but don’t let the price tag fool you make sure you do your own research first and also see if you can get a sample so you can see how your skin will react. And remember please a sample is just a SAMPLE you will not see any difference in your skin it’s just so you can see if you like the way the product feels and there’s not a negative reaction to the skin.


This is could go either way, I say spending the extra will go a long way because you’ll see a big difference. The quality of the brushes are what really makes a difference, they never flake and you don’t have to worry about it really ever smudging. But you could find the same thing at the drugstore I would only suggest you get Rimmel London or Cover Girl though.


This is the other one that could go either way, just because higher quality won’t dry out your lips as badly and there won’t be any bug guts in it (yes bug guts). But I’ve gotten some pretty good colors and wearability from drugstore brands. But if you want color to stay all day through whatever get Kat Von D’s Everlasting Love liquid lipstick or Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge those I’ve had stay on through lunch, and I still had quite a bit on my lips after a make out session. (sailor’s promise).

Non Splurge Worthy


I haven’t seen any real differences between eyeliners or lip liners so that’s up to  you on that one.


In my opinion you should find one that you like and stick with it, As long as you skin feels clean after it and it’s not dry you’re fine.


you need a different face and body moisturizer but you don’t have to spend crazy money for your skin to feel moist.

Lip Gloss

At the end of the day, they all do the same thing and the more expensive ones don’t hold color any better than the cheaper ones.

Faux Eyelashes(strips)

They’re pretty much all the same really, and no the more expensive ones don’t last longer either.