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Don’t you hate it that good things don’t last forever? You find an amazing guy (or gal) and you hit it off  famously and you decide to take it to the next level, a more serious level. Then a couple of months or so later you realize you guys were better off as friends , so you break it off and try to remain friends but it doesn’t work out for some reason. Why? As easy as the answer is to find it’s often the hardest to accept. Once you move on from one type of relationship in to another you can’t really go back, it’s called taking the plunge for a reason.

You see, relationships aren’t just between you and a person you’re fond of.  It’s between you and the person you choose to (possibly) spend the rest of your life with that’s why people take dating so seriously. You’re looking for and finding your now and forever, so when it doesn’t work out yes you guys can still be civil but having that same old friendship without those feelings from way back when from coming up.

I know this first hand when me and a few boyfriends of mine broke up. Some of them were mutual some weren’t but we all agreed we wanted to keep in touch and be friends. It was alright for a while, but then you began to wonder why you two broke up in the first place. The late night phone calls start to increase and then someone suggests that you “give it one more try.” So you do and then you remember why you broke up in the first place, the worst part is the next break up is way more stressful than the first one. Know you’re mad at them and yourself for even thinking that you two would work out again.


Bottom line is, when you end a relationship the relationship is over. Yes there might be a small chance of you guys staying civil and friendly and I’m not telling you to delete them off all your social networks. Just be realistic, keep in touch but keep your distance before you end up repeating the cycle again. And if you have a great friend that’s a guy (or gal) you don’t have to date them because you get along so naturally. You two could just be friends and that’s ok, Think about everything (and I mean everything) that could possibly happen, think about their good and bad habits before jumping in to it because you don’t want to lose a friend too.