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Have you ever heard of a better collaboration in your life? I haven’t. One of the most in your face artist out there (sorry Rihanna) is partnering with another bad child of fashion Versace to come out with a hot new line, and can I just say it’s about damn time? I personally love MIA bold style, she’s never afraid to take risks with anything, I mean did you see her hair in her Bring the Noize video? They way she fashioned her hair in to a net was too dope for words.  Versace also must of loved her style and her music enough to do this collaboration. You can hear her chart topping techno/electronic club banger Bring the Noize intro playing in the back. While MIA is photographed by Jaime Martinez  rocking some of the pieces in her capsule collection. The collection was inspired by the bootlegged Versace MIA would see in the East London Market place &  will have 19 pieces. Get your fake/not fake Versace on Nov.16.  Watch the video below..