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Something about facials is just get me going. That clean feeling (not to mention the tingling of freshly cleaned skin) is just amazing. Facials are necessary if you want perfect skin. Its like a deep cleansing that gets all the toxins out of your pores. It makes your pores smaller, evens out skin tone, and gives you an amazing glow.

This week mask I tried out was Murad’s clarifying mask. This mask it’s self draws out impurities and absorbs any excess oils while preventing breakouts. When you first apply the mask please remove all makeup and apply liberally. Its very thick which is a good thing because it’s really going to get deep, but don’t worry it spreads easy so you don’t need a lot. Wait about 10 minutes to wash off. The mask itself doesn’t brighten but it will shrink your pores like crazy and the best part no acne! I love it. Available at Sephora & murad.com.