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Just when you thought the name of Chanel would die ( like it ever would) she comes back in the most fashionable way ever. Karl Lagerfeld the creative director of Chanel has just made the life of any fashionista in less than an hour. The couture brand just revealed a teaser of the short film “The Return” written and directed by Mr. Lagerfeld. The short film depicts the life of Gabrielle Chanel’s aka Coco return to fashion and the relaunch of her couture house in 1954. Coco will be played by british-american actress Geraldine Chaplin and makes it’s debut December 10 before the brand’s Métiers d’Art 2013/2014 fashion show taking place in Dallas, Texas.

Catch a preview of the short film below where Rupert Everett discusses Geraldine Chaplin’s role as Chanel.