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Location: East Coast

The rain hit my window like a long lost friend looking to gain entry. It softly woke me up for another day,  looked out my window and saw another cold grey. I hate when the weather is like this, it’s stay in the  house in my sweats weather. There’s nothing inviting or warm about it. It’s like a fish cold and slimy, nobody wants that.  When I finally unraveled myself from my cocoon of covers ( I sleep with two blankets one for coverage the other for warmth) and got my ass out of bed. After my morning coffee I got a call from a long lost friend. A simple lunch and run (a.k.a. running around downtown sipping coffee, cigarettes, & eating  bagels) I decided to get dressed. It wasn’t a tough something, I just wanted something easy and simple and I wouldn’t  kill myself running around in. I decided something simple and black and decided all because it’s cold doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun. A simple dress and to cozy up with a pair thigh high socks. Now I know you’re what you’re thinking how the hell did I stay warm with a dress on in the rain? Shorts socks and to be honest, I wasn’t outside long enough to get that cold. Although a breeze did catch me once or twice. 😉GEDC4073