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With the 90’s now becoming the best decade in the universe you can’t help but to think about the cartoons. Who could ever forget the Rugrats, or Hey Arnold? Those are the classics! Well that was years ago, what are they doing now? Well thanks to one artist on Tumblr that goes by the name of Celeste, we now know. Apparently they all became hot, fashionable and hipsters with none of the deformities that they had in their preteen years. Amazing. All photos are from Celeste’s Tumblr


rugrats-modern-tommy rugrats-modern-chuckie rugrats-modern-anjelica rugrats-modern-twins rugrats-modern-kimi rugrats-modern-susie

modern-hey-arnold-all modern-hey-arnold modern-hey-arnold-gerald modern-hey-arnold-helga modern-hey-arnold-harold modern-hey-arnold-sid modern-hey-arnold-eugene modern-hey-arnold-rhonda modern-hey-arnold-phoebe modern-hey-arnold-nadine modern-hey-arnold-lila modern-hey-arnold-stoop-kid modern-hey-arnold-stinky modern-hey-arnold-patty