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As we all know JayZ has been under a lot of scrutiny for his collaboration with barneys. This all began when Barney’s started racially profiling some of their African American customers, saying that they stole from the store when they had a legit receipt. Just to hear that some one ranked so high in the Black community decided to collaborate with such a brand. After months of backlash Jay Z is now fighting back, with a new single entitled ‘ Devil Is a Lie’.


The lyrics are as follows “See what I did to the ‘stop and frisky/ Brooklyn on at Barney’s like we own the b*/Give money to the hood now we all win/ Got that Barney’s floor lookin like VIM/ Gettin white money while I’m still black./

Surprisingly while Barney’s was packed to the brim on that Thursday when Jay Z’s collection premiered, most customers looked passed it and on to other collections.