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It’s so strange to that people think that you can have a real friendship with someone you had sex with. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it’s damn near hard. I was having a discussion with one of my friends about this, is it ever possible to have sex and remain friends after? She, of course, thinks that it’s completely reasonable.

I mean why not? You just shared your body with the person of course you’re going to have a real friendship with the person. My opinion no, it’s not impossible but the best that I think that you can get is friends with benefits. I’ve been in this situation before. I met a guy, David, a few years back wonderful man and an even better lover. Too bad he couldn’t handle a relationship. As in he didn’t want one, and that’s fine, we had sex of course. After the first couple of times I decided that we should maybe take this thing a little further, maybe get serious. Of course he declined, so we chose to keep it as friends. Well at first it was awkward when we tried to have an actual conversation. We went out a couple times to the movies nothing serious but but the time the had started so were we. it’s not like I don’t enjoy each other’s company and I still get the ‘just checking up on you’ phone call every now and again. But are we friends? No, not in the least bit. He won’t becoming to any gatherings I might have and we aren’t even friends on Facebook.

I feel as if the people who say you can be friends after sex use the term friend very loosely. Are they referring to a friend who you talk to on a regular basis? Or just an acquaintance who you talk to but, just like mine, he’s not coming to any birthday parties. Its as simple as that. It’s just awkward half of the time and what happens when you get in a real relationship? How do you think your boyfriend will like hearing one of your guy friends were intimate? Even if he’s not weird it’s awkward. Your best bet to having any friendship after being intimate is to have a very strong friendship before then a very drunken night. When you wake and just laugh at it, if you’re not that type of person then just leave it as sex and take one for the team.