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As if we would expect anything other from the controversial brand. American Apparel takes another stab at being overly natural. In their SoHo, New York store they decided to put pubic hair on their mannequins, and they really put it on there. As your walking by the store you see 70’s styled pubic hairs protruding through the sheer lingerie on the nipple clad mannequins(yes they have actual nipples). This only raises one question in this writer’s mind. Why? Out of all the things why pubic hair? And why must it be so thick? But alas this is American Apparel and they are known for over doing the natural look and over sexualizing it.

This is what American Apparel has to say about these hair raising (hehe get it?) mannequins.  “American Apparel is a company that celebrates natural beauty, and the lower east side Valentine’s Day window continues with that celebration. We created it to invite passerbys to explore the idea of what is ‘sexy’ and consider their comfort with the natural female form. This is the same idea behind our advertisements which avoid many of the same photoshopped and airbrushed standards of the fashion industry. So far we’ve received positive feedback from those who have commented and we’re looking forward to hearing more points of view.”  

Well when you put it that way it’s not so weird, although it does turn some heads. I do applaud American Apparel of showcasing natural beauty. You never see their models with super thin body’s or in much of any make up. Even in their model standards they want you too keep it natural. Good for you American Apparel maybe this will create a chain effect for women to embrace their bodies and let the hair grow. Not this lady, but some.