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pool trip 029

In my life I’ve learned two things, don’t take life to seriously and if it’s not meant to happen it’s not meant to happen. Both these lessons were learned in one summer.I was young and just enjoying life, I was fresh out of college and had nothing to do. Everyone split after collage so I was kind of on my own. There was a guy I had met at a party while I was in college. Of course I was pretty drunk though so I’m not really quiet sure how he got my number, but he had it. So one day we went out for coffee, nothing huge. We hit it off ok. As far as the relaxing and hanging out part of the relationship we pretty much got it.

It didn’t get weird until we hit the bedroom. I’m telling you it was an awkward silence the first time he called me ‘baby’ the full weird look and all. I couldn’t hide it! I was caught completely off guard. Since when were we baby? When did we cross that path of our relationship? I hadn’t even met his friends yet, why did it even go there.As we get further into our relationship I did eventually meet his friends. And I don’t think that I would say it went well. Everyone was playing the “Michael Jackson Experience” one we didn’t even sit together, and the rest of the time he was outside talking to his friends. 

After that night he couldn’t stop talking about how his friends said this, or how his friend said this. I started to really think that he had doubts (which was beyond obvious) and that even if we were in a relationship I wouldn’t want out to go out with him, and his friends.

We keep talking despite his doubts. Apparently he was taking this whole relationship thing a lot more serious than I. I was enjoy the time off from school and simply had a easy seasonal summer job, enjoying my life. He apparently thought I wasn’t doing anything with my time. And although he didn’t say it his constant telling me to save half of my 100 dollar paycheck to a car I couldn’t drive or an apartment I couldn’t afford. Not to mention we had different views about everything that he chose to always discuss with such passion, wasn’t helping much to strengthen or bond.

By the end of the relationship the only reason was because we liked sex and it helped the time past. Yet something was off, I thought a little time apart would be good for us. I also realized something, no matter what happened we would never work. There was no chemistry there at all, we were literally strangers with a bed. And that was all.

A few months had past without any contact. Eventually he had hit me up looking to catch up. I had agreed and drove over there, it was nice. He asked me what I had been up to and when I told him I had plans to move in with my current boyfriend he looked shocked. As if he expected to either wait or something, I’m not sure. I left there feeling as if he expected more from me, at least some type of feelings left for him. I just didn’t understand why? Why after months would I care enough to wait? And why would you think I would be in the same spot you left me?

What this whole experience taught me was, lay your plans out before hand. Tell the other partner what your intentions are with them flat out, to avoid any misinterpreted emotions. Also if you are going to end a relationship tell them to avoid an awkward conversation at late one night.  It’s all for the better, but at the end of the day it’s just life. Live and Let Live.