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As you know very well by now, there has been a lot of pressure on the fashion industry to be more diverse. Well I won’t actually say diverse because I’ve seen plenty of Asian, Italian, Greek, European,and of course Caucasian women on the runway. So with that being said there’s an out cry for more people of color to be on the runway.


With this outcry a lot of magazine’s and brands have been including more ethnic faces in the mix. Vogue Italia decided to add a little more diverse as well, they’ve dedicated a whole section of there site to people of color, called Vogue Black. this section of the Italia vogue will feature black celebrities such as, Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o. It will also showcase beauty tips for women of color. This in my opinion is nothing new. The interest of all people that have a love of fashion are all the same, we like to know the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and how to style them in a way that’s flattering to us. So to hear a cry of in justice to me is just humorous. I don’t know that many women of color that even read vogue, or elle. But I know plenty of them who read Essence, or Sister 2 Sister. It’s always has been this way. Untitled212

To be quite honest, when reading the article I was a little more interested in even reading Vogue Italia, and yes it was because I saw people of color. To be quite frank I will be reading, or at least looking at the photos because you don’t see it often. I myself don’t have an issue, it’s business not personal. When you read a magazine you want to see photos of people that you look like, not photos of some one you don’t, or can’t even aspire to look like, So I’m not upset over it. It’s a marketing thing.

What does bother me however, is the name of One of the articles.  “Christmas beauty for Blacks” is just, wrong. That was unnecessary, but other than that I don’t see any difference in the content they cover from just your typical black blog. They cover ethnic celebrities and looks, but other than that. I see no issue.

If you look at the header above on the site it’s has a section for blacks, curvy women, then the rest. I feel like what Italia vogue needs to do is re-market it. Change the name for one and take of the black and use Black Women, or urban fashion something similar to that. Or better yet, just integrate it and add more ethnic articles. But in this article I don’t see a real issue from it (other than the names) then the difference between going on a black blog to viewing a white blog.

What are your thoughts? Did Vogue Italia take the race thing to far?