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Introducing, French contemporary brand, Surface to Air. A brand that you pretty much need to know from this day forward. This line features graphic prints with a Japanese flair you can see in the structure of the clothes.  surface-to-air02 surface-to-air03

With leather Kimonos with matte and gloss finishes, paired with gray and black denim on sleeves and as pants. This collection is something that is completely on the far side of edgy, that only a select few can pull off. 
surface-to-air04 surface-to-air05


With tight skinny jeans and contrasting black collars on blue tops this is nothing short of an eighties through back. Take a look below and tell me what you think about this line.
surface-to-air06 surface-to-air07 surface-to-air08 surface-to-air09 surface-to-air10 surface-to-air11 surface-to-air12