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When you’re younger, like 21-24 you’re always told you have plenty of time to find the one. It doesn’t matter what type of feelings you have for them it’s always “you have time you don’t need to settle down, get your life together than find what you want.” While that’s all fine and good, what if you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? What if they support you and allow you to do your whole career thing?

It seems as if people have all forgotten about young love. They tend to stray you from it, and tell you don’t look. This is a great way to act if you have no intention to get married. But if you do want marriage, let love come naturally. If you put a time limit on love, love will put a time limit on you.

Don’t wait until you reach a certain age to find love, because love could have already have found you. Although,you should wait until you have a ring on your finger too make your whole life about one person. That doesnt mean you cant fall in love. Basically your life & career should be the first on your list. When you think you’ve found one and you’re sure you want them in your life forever, stick with them. Don’t lose out on love cause you’re young and dumb you’ll end up old and alone.

When it comes straight down to it, just live your life and love will find you. Take it slow and see where you go, everything doesn’t lead to marriage. All because you met someone you love doesn’t mean you have to be all about them now. You have to find a balance. Maybe you’re days are for work and your nights are your relationships. Or one night a week or every few weeks you get a room together and just spend some time together.

It just takes practice and time. You can always have a boyfriend and career, it just takes someone who understands your wants and dreams. Easier said than done I know but anything is possible.