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I have to be addicted to home decor or something. I’ve been lusting after home projects for what feels like months now! Finally I chopped down my mounds and mounds of what seems to be endless links and photos to my top five picks!



The heart of the home is in the kitchen so why not make it awesome? I love these chopstick forks, they’re two in one. A fork and a chop stick I won’t ever have to choose. Fork Knife Chopsticks Uncommon Goods ( $10 per pair) 




How cute is this candle? Made in a ornate glass jar this is defiantly a one of a kind  piece! With fresh smells of Goji Tarocco  orange and Fresh cade Lavender this is a great way to fresh up the room. Plus once the candle is done you can clean out the jar and use it for jewelry! Voluspa Jaonica Mini Candle available at Lief Shop ($10 )


Because you know everyone needs a alarm clock. Neon Green Alarm Dock ($10)

teardrop-diamond-hanging-vase (1)

This is great for a terrariums! Easy slick designs let’s your plants get some major sunshine with out it taking up to much space.  Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vase ($4.95)


Need a pinch of salt or pepper? Here you go literally. Pinch and Dash Salt and Pepper Shakers Set $10