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In the hard world of love & war you must pay attention to what each person says. It’s hard to tell what’s a lie from the truth. So we made a list of 20 example’s that (if you can relate too) he’s probably not that into you.

  1. He rarely calls,mainly texts you.
  2. You’ve never had a full conversation with him.
  3. You never really knew his real name.
  4. You invite him out but he never comes.
  5. You’re not friends on any social networks.
  6. You’ve only met one person in his life, and that’s his room mate.
  7. You guys have been involved for months but he still doesn’t want to be in a relationship.
  8. You don’t know where he works, or even if he works.
  9. He ignores you in public.
  10. The closest you’ve ever been to a dinner out with him was Wendy’s.
  11. He leaves right after sex, or drops hints that it’s time for you to go.bridesmaids-movie-quotes-50_large
  12. You never really talk to him, maybe once or twice a week.
  13. You’ve only seen the inside of his car and his apartment.
  14. He openly talks to other girls or about them in your presence.download
  15. Instagram? There is no instagram. refer to point 5
  16. When invites you out, he usually takes you there but he doesn’t conversate with you.
  17. You’ve woke up and waited around (a little longer  than you’d like to admit) in an empty hotel room before.
  18. He doesn’t bother to celebrate your birthday (or even call ) with you even though you told him 3x the night before that it’s your birthday.
  19. When you bring up anything about taking your relationship further he steers the conversation elsewhere. 
  20. He sends one worded texts or acts uninterested when you call.