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As you all very well know Michael Kors has been dominating the fashion world lately. Not only has he recently profited over 1 billion dollars his endorsement deals and celebrity cameo’s have gained him popularity far beyond his wildest dreams! Although most people are congratulating Michael one person is not pleased with his success. roberto-cavalli-87740

Roberto Cavalli has called Michael Kors out! In a interview with Haute Living Miami Magazine he was quoted saying ” Michael Kors copies everything! It’s really a scandal nobody has the courage to say anything! It’s really not fair.”

Cavalli goes on to say that he doesn’t have a problem with shops like Zara and other fashion boutiques. “ Now, you have designers and you have Zara, which is meant to be fast and sold at a very cheap price, so you expect copying.

Cavalli then states”Labels shouldn’t be important, it’s about what you like. Fashion is all about money now. There’s no evolution. In the 18th and 19th century, fashion used to completely change every 20 years, Totally new silhouettes, etc. Now there is less creativity. There has been nothing new since the 1950’s, except many sneakers.”

While I do agree fashion has gotten very lazy within the last few years, don’t be mad at someone who made a profit off of it. Michael Kors may not be the most edgy but his items are very nice. Nothing’s new under the sun Cavalli, but everyone could try to do a little better. I do agree however, there are a lot of sneakers. What do you think?