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Can I just say something? I love to sext. not the whole talk dirty part but I do like the sending nude photos part. I don’t mind sending you some eye candy if we’re exclusive. BeFunky_null_3.jpg

Now I understand how this can raise a ton of questions. Such as “K, don’t you understand that they could post that online and have everyone seeing your tidbits?” Yes I understand that, but please understand if you even have a hint of suspicion that the guy you’re involved with will post something that personal online about you. Then you need to leave him right now. That’s just, ridiculous.  Even if he did there are multiple ways to sue his ass to the moon and back plus get that picture taken down. I’m just saying that’s not a huge concern of that happening if you’re with a decent guy.

Another question I get often is “K, don’t you find that offensive & degrading?” In short. No, it’s my body if I want to show it off I can. I feel sexy when I take the photo, dare I say I even get giddy? I rush off to the bathroom and strip in front of the mirror to find the perfect angle of my body. Then I snap the photo. It’s a weird perverted rush I get sending nudes to the guys.


Although, sexting DEFIANTLY has it’s faults. It has benefits to me. I’m not scared for people to see my body. I feel empowered by it, I like seeing my body I work hard on it. I love the feeling it gives me. When the flash goes I feel sexy, strong, and confident. I may sound crazy but I feel like that’s why alot of women (or people in general) don’t like their body. They never see it. They were baggy clothes all day to hide their body, they go home and change in to sweats and a hoodie, then go to bed in a PJ Set. How can you love something you don’t see, or embrace?

It’s crazy to me that people buy clothes to sleep in just in general, like why? You can’t just sleep in your underwear and be fine? But that’s a conversation for another day. I’m just saying sexting isn’t all bad, it can be quite liberating actually. And for you still on the shy side of it, you can still take the nude (or semi nude) photos of you and just next time you’re with your partner show them to each other. Just sayin’ What are your thoughts about sexting? Have you ever done it? Or is it off limits? If so why?