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Its hard to tell where any relationship is going now days. Even though things seem fine, you some times find yourself asking “is this as good as we’re going to get or is there more? ” I know I think about it constantly but there is a way to know.

Pay attention to your conversations. Are they mostly small talk and idle chit chat or do you have conversations where they get more personal? Do they tetter on the “you can’t talk to everyone about this ” line? One of those talks that you can’t help but cringe on the uncomfortable line is talk of anything that goes on behind that closed bathroom door. That’s where you go to be alone and handle business. You don’t talk about that with anyone unless you’re ridiculously comfortable, and even still you don’t.

I feel as if once you cross a line you haven’t crossed with anyone else with someone you care about that means you’re taking a step in the right directipn. I know it may not seem like a huge deal but think about it if you’ve never went there with anyone else but you go there with a special someone. They’ve got to be someone special right? If anything at least you know that you’re going in the right direction because you’re able to talk to this person about something you wouldn’t dare talk about out loud with then you have a genuine trust that’s often not found. And that’s rare so love your poop and love the fact that you can have that conversation with them. Poop can bring people together in unexpected ways lol..