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Its hard to believe that in this day and age people still think ‘black people’ act a different way. It’s hard to believe that people still have this mentality. I know I’ve gotten the ” You’re really white, you’re not black” before from both black and white people. It’s the most annoying comment I’ve ever received like how am I supposed to act? Am I supposed to be like yo’ yo’ yo’ sup my nig bro All the time? And constantly listen to Jay Z and Beyonce 24/7? I don’t know, how do ‘black people talk? Ebonics? I don’t know ebonics, I say gangster not gangsta. Anyway apparently I’m not the only person that feels this way. Even at one of the most prestigious schools in the country they still have this misconceptions on what being black is. enhanced-buzz-wide-1730-1393791073-10 enhanced-buzz-wide-2448-1393791918-7

The students of Harvard Law are sick of the racial profiling and are speaking out against it through a photo project on tumblr entitled ” I, Too, Am, Harvard”
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The tumblr project makes up a larger part of the campus, it all started with a play written by Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence.  Matsuda-Lawrence and other members of the Kuumba singers of Harvard, the oldest black organization on the campus.

enhanced-buzz-wide-12529-1393791460-19 She conducted interviews with over 40 interviews with black students on campus for an independent study last semester. they were the basis for her screen play I, too, am, Harvard.Which will premiere in March 7th.enhanced-buzz-wide-23750-1393790993-7Since the Tumblr launched last Saturday the project has gotten more than 19,000 views! Also the students of the I, Too, Am, Harvard project have been contacted by students of other college campuses including the university of Pennsylvania, who wanted to started their own campaign.
enhanced-buzz-wide-24447-1393791051-16 enhanced-buzz-wide-27065-1393791598-7 Catch the preview of the play below. enhanced-buzz-wide-28990-1393791093-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-29261-1393791951-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-29362-1393791888-13 enhanced-buzz-wide-29648-1393791965-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-30184-1393860897-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-30204-1393792005-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-30654-1393791521-9 enhanced-buzz-wide-30765-1393791576-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-31259-1393791619-8