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I won’t say that I’ve been in every type of relationship, but I’ve been in a few. I’ve been with a guy who just care about just appearances, been with a douche bag, and even a guy that’s overly excited about the real world. And I mean obsessed I was sitting there waiting for sex and a real world commercial came on and he literally stopped said ‘ Hold on a sec” turned around and watched the commercial. W.T.F. Yeah so I know about the weirdo’s and the freaks and etc. So through out all my mishaps and confusion, I’ve learned a few things, and here they are.

Young couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

  1. Never make that person your whole life. I do agree that your relationship should be a large part of your life, but it shouldn’t be ALL your life. Have a separate interest and a life outside of them. Why? Because one you may burn out the relationship, meaning you run out of stuff to do or even talk about. And two when they’re at work or have other social obligations what are you going to do? Wait around till they get back? No, have a hobby or a life out side of them so you can do something without worrying about them 24/7 and it’ll keep your mind wondering to the darkness (i.e. starting to think that he’s doing something he’s not.)
  2. Be HONEST. If you’re upset with them tell them. I understand you don’t want to want to start an argument but it’ll prevent a little argument from turning into a big one.
  3. Let them run around with their friends, just their friends. Whether you like or hate your significant other friends you have to respect the fact that they knew them before you. And sometimes they may have a night out with their friends, and it’s fine. As long as you voice your concerns and they don’t break any of your “rules” they can go out for a few drinks.Most imporatnatly…
  4. Never make them choose between you and their friends. Let’s be real if you make him choose you’ll never actually when that fight. Only because there are only two real outcomes. Let’s say he chooses you, yay you won OK now on to the reality of it. You cut off his social life, he has no life outside of coming home to you and sitting around doing what you want 24/7. At the end of it all he’s either going to start resenting you or become so obsessed with you and the relationship will become stress filled, because he has nothing else to do. Or he chooses his friends. because, well they’ve been with him for longer and don’t make him choose between love or friendship. So congratulations you just lost your boyfriend.
  5. My last and final tip don’t take it too seriously. Let’s face it relationships come and go like the seasons. There are 7 billion people in the world don’t make it your life’s mission to stick with this one. I’m not telling you to don’t settle down, but if you find someone you click with and you want to be with great. Follow step one and enjoy the ride, if you make it all the way to the white dress GREAT! However if you don’t, it’s OK like I said there are 7 billion people in the world there’s someone out there for everyone..