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I knew 22 would be the age that I opened my eyes, i just didn’t think I’d realize something like this would happen. I always thought I was no good in relationships that I was just one of those people that wasn’t made for them, I was a lone wolf. When I would get in relationships I would kind of, shall we say love to hard? I would talk to them every second of the day as long as my phone was by my side, but I was mostly in long distance relationships so that’s is what you did.

It wasn’t until my most recent boyfriend that I kinda show that is isn’t what you’re supposed to do. My current boyfriend isn’t long distance and I see him all the time but for some reason it’s so different with him. I do literally talk to him all the time, even when he’s at work I text and when I’m at work the second I get a chance I’ll call him, sometimes for no reason just to see what he’s doing then rush off the phone. I thought it meant I was in love and couldn’t stay away but no i’m just crazy.

I thought it was just a silly little joke my boyfriend would make about me saying that I’m psycho. I just laughed it off until one of my guy friends started talking about how he was thinking about leaving his relationship because his significant other was getting out there. How she was always blowing up his phone and going nuts over the littlest things, the more he talked about it the more I thought “That’s what my boyfriend says about me.” When I finally got home I had to of course Google what are the signs of a crazy girlfriend. It was like someone telling me all about myself.

“Calls/Texts Constantly” Check

‘Extreme Mood Swings’ (i wouldn’t call them extreme but I have gotten mad at him randomly) so check.

Public confrontation I walked out on him at a Friday’s once. check.

Scary Past Relationships – Not really, I have dated some weird guys but none of them like hit me or anything so pass.

Lies – No, i couldn’t lie to him about anything. But I do lay on the dramatics. I would count that as a pass right?

Isolation? – Do I keep him from seeing his friends? No I need my alone time too.

Jealousy- Well what relationship doesn’t have a little healthy jealousy?

Belittling – Nope.

No good platonic relationships – I’ll admit I don’t have many friends but that’s mainly cause I’m a quite person. I like to sit around and just watch. so no.

OK so I’m not that bad, I knew I couldn’t be that horrible I just get a little mental sometimes and know how to push his buttons doesn’t make me a bad girlfriend. if however you do meet a lot of these criteria you might want to ease up a little its OK to want attention but give the man some space! He needs to breathe too, maybe get a hobby? Keep your hands and mind busy? That’s what helped me from blowing up his phone every second of everyday. Maybe it would help you too. Good luck crazy in love ladies