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Who says you only need good looks and a charming personality to become a model? The Anti Modeling agency aren’t casting air head blondes anymore, they’re looking for cool hip girls with a good head on their shoulders (not to mention gorgeous). The London base ( everything cool is in London?) started in 2013 they state that their models are just “clothes horses” ( btw who even came up with that phrase?) They hand select each model with personality, individuality, style, and talent.


The agency is for people who could have been models but decided not to. Basically it’s for people who are too cool to be models and people with actual lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illusion, and creative industry. They have models that have been featured in Nylon, i-D Magazine, Dr.Martens  and Urban Outfitters.



So basically it’s for gorgeous people who don’t know they’re gorgeous and choose to do other things with their looks.