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I can’t lie after Artpop the album I wasn’t feeling Lady Gaga as much as I was before. I felt as if she had just became a gimmick and was losing what made her, her. But it’s really hard not to like Gaga with  all her crazy antics she the lovable little freak we have all come to enjoy.

Her latest short film for G.U.Y. defiantly has me coming back on the GAGA train,just  little.  The opening scene as men in business suits chasing money falling from the sky while Lady Gaga lies with an arrow through her chest. I wonder if that represents the drama around ART POP. The video looks as if it’s heavily influenced by Italy, in light of her recent collaboration with Versace, she is very Donatella with that super straight platinum blonde hair. Take a look at the memorizing and enchanting scenes of the G.U.Y. video.