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I’m constantly on the look out for some new clothes to add to my wardrobe, but sometimes it can get overwhelming, With all the sales and with everything I see I get so wrapped up I either don’t remember what I bought or even wear anything I have. So I decided to make a list and keep track of everything I need, want, or absolutely have to have. I think this will help a lot from keeping me from one over spending and ending up with something I hate. Let’s get started shall we?


The Need:


I’ve been dying to get me a good new pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for a while. The one’s from Fashion Nova might just be the one’s for me, I love the completely worn out look and the length and the way they sit on the hips are perfect. Fashion Nova

The Want:


I’ve always loved the look of a leather and crop tops so them together is just a gift from heaven. The only thing I wonder is, how often would I wear it? I mean when it gets hot here it’s a sticky hot and this is leather. But I’m sure it’s not sticky and there will be wind coming in from underneath. I still want it though…. Luxe Moda

The Got To Have :


OMG these shoes! These shoes these shoes these shoes!! I love them! The height the style the way they have the cross strap all the way up! I could wear them with anything and I already have an outfit in mind for them (well more like 3) if only they had my size. Closet Envy