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No Retreat, No Surrender

It never occurred to me before but, it seems as if my whole relationship can be summed up in one Taylor Swift song. She is the epitome of bad relationships. Album after album is basically her crying about break ups, which is why so many single ladies love her. Even if the teen queen lyrics sometimes make your skin crawl, you have to admit she knows what you’re going through.

Taylor is the embodiment of a scorned, broken, woman.  Her song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is perfect a perfect example.  How many relationships have we been in where we’ve said “I’m done “, “It’s over “, “Never again”, yet as soon as they call we find ourselves wrapped up in the I love yous and the empty promises of change. We can’t help but to admit that we have a soft spot for our heartbreakers, so reluctantly we agree to give it one more shot. Things go well for that first few weeks, Next thing you know you’re having that same argument. Now you’re sitting there, face in your hands wondering why do you put yourself through this.  Finally you call it quits again, and what do we say ladies? ‘We are never getting back together.’


That’s just a little glimpse into just about half the relationships you hear about. Someone wants it to work out, the other person is not happy but will try because, well they want them to be happy. You stop caring about their day, about the arguments, you just want it to stop. I’ve been there before. You’re just avoiding the inevitable, and the longer you wait the harder it will be. Calmly talk to your partner about your feelings if you’re upset. Hopefully they’ll understand, if not, and they’re not willing to change. Well then you know where you stand and its time to go. If someone won’t take the time to make you happy don’t stay just to make them happy. A relationship is 50/50 if they CANT put up their half then don’t put up yours. You’ve given him a chance to change if he doesn’t want to. Then leave and never, ever get back together.