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I literally hate mornings, more now than ever! I’m proud to be a night owl that’s when the world is interesting. Unfortunately I can’t sleep until noon every morning. I think it maybe my alarm clock, I can sleep straight through the beeps and even the loudest rock music. But you know what I can’t sleep through? A bright sunrise right in my eyes!




Here enters the sunrise alarm clock, already interested aren’t you? It’s an amazing thing that I’m just now hearing about that could possibly cure all my “I-need-5-more-minutes” woes. You simply set it to the time you want to wake up like oh let’s say 6 am and a beautiful sunrise awakens you with all it’s super bright blindness. It’s also give you great light at night so if you wanted to read a book or even catch up on some writing it has a sunset setting so it’s the perfect amount of sleepy time light right before you head to  bed. Average price for these babies about 132.

A little steep but totally worth it. But it here on Amazon.