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Brace yourselves people there’s a new culture on the rise.



I know you haven’t been blind to the amount of attention that “sex” has been getting in the media nowadays. It’s hard to miss. From our beloved Beyonce shedding clothes and riding it like a surfboardt to Rihanna, being well Rihanna, it’s clear from these celebrities that Sex is in high demand. People want it now and people want it fast.  That’s nothing new, celebrities being a little “ratchet”(is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?) showing more and more skin to attract the masses. What is new however is the promotion of promiscuity in the media. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reading my facebook newsfeed and seen an article about “single women not choosing to get married”. While I’m not an exactly for or against marriage, these women imparticular aren’t even talking about having a long term boyfriend. They’re talking about heading to a bar and hooking up with the first guy, or any guy they see,every night and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

I know I’m one to talk, everyone has had they’re fun phase where they didn’t care about finding a partner, and even though I don’t plan on getting married I don’t want to be a hook up for the rest of my life. Yet,with articles like “Women who have more sex have greater body confidence and have higher self esteem” in a world where those things are hard to come by, it seems we’re really promoting casual sex.

In enters the hookup culture a new wave of drunken antics and promiscuous nights that, usually would stay within a college frat house has become the norm. What is exactly the hook up culture? Basically it’s a culture that accepts and promotes casual sex with out any emotional attachment to the person whatsoever. So imagine a world of angry sluts being sluttly and calling it sexual liberation.



While I’m all for sexual freedom, my main question is, do you really want a string of random hookups from people who could care less about you? I’m just saying let’s face facts, there’s a reason why depression is at a rates have skyrocketed and kids are literally out of control now. Take it from a person who was a part of the culture and left, no matter what you do or how you phrase it eventually it’ll start to wear on you.You start to think that you’re not worth loving,why? Because no one you share yourself with ever stays.

It seems fun now. The late nights, the hot people, the awesome no contract sex, but eventually you’ll start wondering if there’s more out there. Or, and this is what did it for me, I saw two people in love and they looked so happy together. I started to wonder what does that feel like. What’s it like to have a guy do more than buy you a few drinks and a meal and expect you to sleep with him that night. To have someone there to support you, that loves you and do anything for you. Unfortunately most people who live this life will never know what that’s like.

The biggest problem with this is that people are forgetting how to love, and when they finally do find someone that they love and want to be with they don’t know how to love them. Which will lead to a breakup, Soon we’ll end up with a ton of people who are great at sex, but are incapable of loving. Is there anything more depressing?

Now I’m not trying to tell you to run off and get hitched to the first guy you meet. It’s OK to have fun and even a few wild nights but don’t let the hype get to you. It’s a shell of a life, on the outside it looks glamourous but in reality it’s nothing but sex, drugs, and alcohol and if we’ve learned anything from lifetime, documentaries, and the life of Marilyn Monroe it never has a happy ending.