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If ever there was a dress for Rihanna to where this is it.



Say a very sexy hello to Intimacy 2.0 a dress that lets the whole room know you’re turned on. It turns completely transparent, because that’s what you want, the whole room to see you naked at the slightest arousal. Who would think of such a design?  An international design firm called Studio Roosegaarde,designed the dress in two exclusive colors intimacy black or intimacy white. The dress is made of leather and opaque  smart e-foils that become more and more transparent based on close personal encounters with people.




The dress, knows your turned on, of course by increased heart rate, although there’s a lot of things that increase your heart rate, I suggest not doing any of them in this dress… like dancing. Studio Roosegaarde says this dress is perfect for the red carpet (because you can’t wear it anywhere else) and are currently in the works for a suit that detects dishonesty, which brings a totally new meaning to “I can see right through you”.  Anyone dare to try these bold looks?